About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Hanson is a lifelong leader with the skill set and professional background necessary to continue building positive momentum within the Douglas County School District. Elizabeth discovered her passion for people and service while supporting her father in various public offices at the local and state level, which provided a unique opportunity to learn firsthand how to find common ground among people and build a community.

Over the past several years, Douglas County has made significant strides toward finding common ground in education. Elizabeth is ready to continue bringing people together and building a true community to stand behind each and every one of the district’s 68,000 students.

Elizabeth began her career with the Kansas Children’s Service League after earning a degree in Business Administration - Human Resources from Kansas State University. She worked diligently to recruit the best leadership team, teachers, and support staff for the Head Start Program in an area of 13 counties in Southwest Kansas. Elizabeth particularly loved her time observing in classrooms or on home visits, as it gave her an opportunity to build relationships, effectively resolve employee concerns and ultimately increase teacher retention.

After determining she could have a broader influence in her efforts to improve work environments as an attorney, Elizabeth attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law where she earned her Juris Doctor with an emphasis in Labor and Employment Law. Elizabeth worked in private practice where she litigated for both employees and employers. Her primary goal was to add value to each workplace by drafting appropriate policies, training employers and employees in best employment practices, investigating workplace incidents and drafting effective employment agreements.

Elizabeth and her husband, Jeff Hanson, live in Highlands Ranch with their three children, ages 12, 10 and 8. For the past eight years, Elizabeth has focused solely on her responsibilities as a parent. She has spent countless hours at her family’s neighborhood elementary school working with children, volunteering in the classroom and PTO, supporting teachers and advocating for school safety.

As a Director of the DCSD Board of Education, Elizabeth will combine her passion for people and service with her professional experience to build a community and together, create an exceptional work environment for the district’s administration, teachers and support staff so the children in Douglas County can have the exceptional learning environment they deserve.